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Laird and Dines Building
5th and Mill in Tempe, AZ

A Hooters Redevelopment

5th and Mill in Tempe is the "100% Location" for this college influenced town. The destination, long before Arizona State University was the Laird and Dines drug store. Build in 1893, the building architecture was typical of the era for buildings of significance: ornate Victorian. The building had gone through many changes, all to the detriment of the architecture, until is was acquired for redevelopment by a partnership that included Biegel & Co LLC in 1988.

In cooperation with the city of Tempe, and adjacent 4,000 square foot parcel of property was acquired and historical renovation of the 5,102 square foot Laird and Dines building was completed along with a new 3-story 20,810 square foot building which was architecturally connected to historical structure. Due to the urban context of the project, no parking was required for the project which was built to an FAR of 4.0! Even without parking, the high profile location of the property resulted in tenants like Hooters and McDonalds leasing space. The careful attention to the marriage of the old and new in the architecture resulted in the development being awarded the Don Hull Award for Environmental Excellence in Urban Context.



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